Piercings & Prices


Ear Lobe:  £10   

Helix - £15 - £20

Tragus - £20 - £25

Rook - £20 - £25

Daith - £30

Conch - £25

Snug - £25

Scaffold -£40

Non Ears

Nostril - £15 - £20

Septum - £20 - £25

Earl - £30

Eyebrow - £25

Navel - £30

Labret/Lip - £25 - £30

Medusa - £30

Madonna - £30

Smilie - £30

Snake Bites/Angel Bites - £50

Nipple - £30 

After Care Advice

  • Wash hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial wash prior to touching or cleaning the pierced area.
  • If the piercing is covered with a protective dressing, do not keep it covered for longer than 3 hours.
  • Us an anti-bacterial solution (Boots Antiseptic Wound Wash) to clean around the piercing and jewellery with a clean cotton bud. BE GENTLE and remove any crusting with the cotton bud.
  • Using a clean, dry cotton bud, dry around the piercing, it is especially important with navel piercings as trapped moisture can harbour bacteria. Repeat twice daily.
  • For oral piercings use medicated mouth wash after eating for 3 weeks.
  • Avoid swimming in lakes, the sea and pools for at least 3 weeks after a new piercing.
  • After 3 weeks, wash the piercing after swimming.
What to Expect
  • Tenderness, swelling, bruising and some bleeding are all normal after a piercing. 
  • During healing there will be some discolouration (redness), itching and the secretion of a white and yellow fluid which will form a crust on some jewellery. This is NOT pus and is indicative of healing.
  • Skin tissue heals from the outside in, therefore piercings may appear to look and feel fine on the outside but will still be fragile on the inside, Therefore it is really important to keep cleaning throughout the entire healing period.
Do's and Don't's
  • ALWAYS wash hands before touching or cleaning around the pierced area
  • NEVER play with the piercing, especially during the healing process, it could lead to developing an infection.
  • DO NOT use alcohol, peroxide or TCP. They are very strong and could dry out the piercing and slow the healing process.
  • ONLY clean twice a day and choose one type of cleaning fluid and stick to using that.
  • Take CARE of your body! By eating healthily and sleeping well etc you will help keep your immune system strong and this will help you to heal well.
  • LISTEN to your body! If something doesn't feel right please contact the studio and we will do all we can to help.


01206 575705

(or outside of opening hours) flamingguntattoostudio@gmail.com
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