Frequently Asked Questions
When are you open?

Tuesday - Friday: 10:15 am to 5;30 pm

Saturday : 10 am to 5 pm

Q Do I have to pay for a consultation?

Consultations are free of charge! 

Q How do I book in?

Come in and have a chat with us, bring you printed reference material with you and we can work with you to create your masterpiece! At this point we can give you a rough quote and book you in with a deposit.  Your chosen artist will then draw your design up for you.

Q How much do you charge?

A single sitting tattoo is priced up individually.
Session work (larger pieces done over multiple sittings) are charged at £70 per hour. As of January 2nd the price will increase to £80 an hour.

Q Can i get a quote?

It is always best to come in to the studio with your printed out reference material, ideas etc and have a consultation with our trained staff. 
You can use the CONTACT US  form if you cannot get in to the studio and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Q Can I drink alcohol/use numbing cream/take drugs/painkillers to help with the pain?

We will not tolerate alcohol or recreational drugs in the studio, you will be asked to leave if we believe you to be under the influence. Numbing creams can have adverse effects, such as hypersensitivity and all topical anesthetics cause the blood capillaries to rise to the surface, which can cause excessive bleeding and affect the outcome of the tattoo. Pain killers, such as aspirin thin the blood the same as alcohol does, this means that you bleed easier which can lead to loss of ink.

Q Should I bring anything with me to my appointment?

It's always good to bring a drink and some sugary snacks with you for when you are being tattooed.

Q Can I be tattooed if i am on prescription drugs or have medical conditions?

This will need to be discussed at the consultation, if in doubt contact your GP and ask their advice.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?

It is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18. 

In the eyes of the law it is classed as Assault On A Minor, regardless of whether you have parental permission. Please do not be offended if we ask you for ID, we are just making sure we comply with the law.

Q How long is your waiting list?

Each artist has there own waiting list and their waiting times vary, we can let you know your chosen artists waiting time when you contact the studio.

Q Do you do cover ups?

It depends on what you need covering. We have a laser specialist on the premises who will look to see whether it needs to be lasered before covering. In most cases having a few sessions to lighten the tattoo enough that the cover up doesn't look like an obvious cover up is advised BUT we treat every case as an individual so it's best to come and see us for a consultation.

Q When can I see my design?

You will see your design before your appointment so you can confirm the design and check sizing etc. This will be explained at your consultation, along with a rough timescale of when you will see your artwork.

Q Can I bring my child along to my consultation/artwork                      viewing/appointment/piercing etc?

We have a strict Over 18's Only policy in the studio.

Q Do you do piercing?

Yes, for over 18's only. The list of piercings and prices can be found here PIERCING

Q What should i wear?

Wear something that gives easy access to the area to be tattooed. It is usually best to wear older, dark clothing in case ink gets on them. There is privacy should you want to change on arrival/departure.

Q Can I get a tattoo if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

We will not tattoo you if you are pregnant and we will not tattoo you until you are 3 months clear of breast feeding. The inks can react with the hormone changes and it is just not worth the risk.

For information on Tattoo Apprenticeships click HERE
Terms & Conditions
  • You must be over the age of 18 to enter the studio. This means no children, buggies, prams or pushchairs.
  • We operate a challenge 25 policy, make sure you bring your ID with you otherwise you may be refused service.
  • You must pay a deposit to secure a booking; 
          Single sitting tattoos will require a 50%  cash deposit.
          Session work tattoos will require  a £100 cash deposit.
         (there is a cash point just around the corner from the studio)
  • Cancellations - We require a MINIMUM of 4 working days notice to move, cancel or change an appointment, or make ANY changes to your tattoo design.  If you give less than 4 working days notice or do not attend your appointment you will lose your deposit.
  • Cancellations will NOT be accepted via email you MUST come in to the studio OR call.
  • No artwork will be drawn up until a deposit is paid.

  • The studio reserves the right to refuse entry to the studio or to tattoo you at their own discretion.
  • If you are believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will be asked to leave the premises.
  • If you do not declare at the consultation that you have a medical condition or medication that can affect the tattoo procedure the studio reserves the right to refuse to tattoo you.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes earlier than the time shown on your appointment slip, this allows time to sort out any further appointments or deposits required.


01206 575705

(or outside of opening hours)
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