Tattoo Artists
Julie Clarke
Julie Clarke is an multi award winning, international Tattoo Artist, she has been tattooing since 1998.

In 2007 she opened Flaming Gun Tattoo Studio with her husband Kai Edwards.
Doug Fawkes
Doug Fawkes apprenticed under Mandie Barber and has been tattooing since 2004.

He joined Flaming Gun in 2012.

Alex Bach
Alex Bach has been tattooing since 2012 and favours traditional and black work styles.

He joined Flaming Gun in 2015.


Flaming Gun Tattoo Studio are looking for a new artist. 
Guest spots are available by arrangement.
 Please contact the studio for more details 

Laser & Piercing
Kai Edwards
Kai Edwards is our fully trained laser operative, since 2010, specialising in lightening tattoos for covering, as well as the resident piercer. Has been piercing since 2007

He, along with his wife Julie Clarke, opened Flaming Gun Tattoo Studio in 2007.
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